Cammino con gli asini 2016

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Un attimo sto arrivando | One moment, I’m on my way

One moment, I’m on my way.
A slow pace journey with the company of our two long-eared companions, the donkeys Toni and AurorAlba. A hike from Albiano Magra,Italy to Gothenburg, Sweden. A trip of approximately 2500 km that we will walk with our Lizard shoes and sandals. A distance that we will cover on foot from March till October 2016.

It started off as a game, comparing the time to walk from Italy to Sweden to the flight time between the two countries. This thought both triggered the imagination and awakened important questions.

What's between departure and destination? How far is it? And time, what happens to it when one is along the way? And so slowly as the donkeys walk, is it really possible? We don't know yet. We don't know what's behind the next hill. The map shows a reality that we will never see. Wandering, the gaze takes a different perspective.

The starting point was to walk with our two donkeys and the idea has materialized around it and the project has taken its form. 
Un attimo sto arrivando | One moment I'm on my way is a hike along trails and roads between villages and smaller towns. We will meet many people during this long walk through Europe and create contexts for conversations, being and walking.

Hiking becomes a way of creating meaning, opening up to new ideas. Wandering and walking in different forms gives us a bodily understanding and through it we can reach insights about the world we live in. The walk can also be seen as a way to defy the widespread efficiency frenzy and the illusory control of time and space.

During the hike we have a parallel project called Network Arboreo.
For everyday walk we plant a tree. Network Arboreo is a social network of people, plants and places. The goal is to plant a sprout of a tree everyday.

The Itinerary
The path goes through the Northwest of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and then the last part in the South-west of Sweden.

The Team
Helena and Carlo work with performing arts in various forms.
Carlo’s role at the theatre has varied throughout the years, as a technician, assistant director and actor. He and Giovanni Delfino founded the theatre company Teatri del Vento. He has worked with several groups in Italy and travelled across oceans working as stage manager on a cruise ship. Toured with Barevoet theatre company in Holland.
Before he came to the theatre, a long long time ago, he picked up potatoes in Chester, was a barista in La Spezia, played football in Massa. He likes to sing and the trumpet accompanies his steps.

Helena has walked miles over the years on her tightrope. Together with Cecilia
Lagerström she runs the performing arts duo "Alkemisterna". Helena has a Master in acting from the Academy of Music and Drama, at the University of Gothenburg. 
She has climbed down from the tightrope for a while and with the feet and the body's understanding, she tries to grasp a little more about the conditions of existence. 

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