Quantcast Lizard FullSoul Sandal

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Lizard FullSoul

For those who love walking barefoot but want to avoid dirt, injuries and even weird comments of people, FullSoul is the perfect sandal. It is an ultra-minimalist sandal, made of one single piece of thin leather, without any stitchings or glue or rivets.
Thanks to a thin string, the leather sole grips the foot like a second skin.
The sandal is cut in one single piece made of vegetable-tanned cowhide and manually finished. Size 43 weighs 70g. With its refined and elegant design, the FullSoul won the ISPO Award 2016/17 in the Outdoor sector.


The heel area
The gap in the heel area allows the heel  to stick out from behind- rather unusual for a normal shoe! Thanks to the rounded profile and no pressure points on the heel, it fits perfectly without slipping and with no risk of blistering. The leather triangle that is cut out the heel part of the fullsoul is used for the adjustment of the tension of the leather straps. The loose parts of the leather straps can be tied on the opposite side but they don’t need to contribute to the tension.
The lacing system
The redirection of the lether strap by 180 degrees corresponds to the physical principle of the pulley: 
The force at the turning point doubles, on the other hand the the position of the turning point changes 50% less than the length of the single strap. 
This has as a consequence that when it is wet it‘s not necessary to tighten the laces. This system is also found in some shoes from the Middle Ages.

The leather straps
The thin leather straps are made of the same piece of leather of the rest of the sandal. They are specially treated, thinner milled,  sanded with special leather waxes and oils. Missing seams or metal eyelets make this solution extremely longlasting (from the discoveries in bogs leather clothing and shoes were intact exept for the seams).

The thong
The hidden but mechanically most important area of the sandal: the intermediate toe piece. It comes from the sole with a 90 degree rotation  and has a smooth fit with the curved area between the toes, thereby adding stability and preventing the forefoot from moving forward. Moreover, it lays on the top of the foot and keeps the leather sole in the right place.

Lateral straps
The leather straps are located respectively on the left and on the right side of the sole to give it the sufficient lateral stability without generating pressure points, and the surrounding leather surfaces are gently and uniformly pulled towards the sole. 

The sole
The sole itself acts like a second skin. Furthermore the lether absorbs the pressure peaks and the sweat and it gradually adapts to the foot  shape. Naturally vegetably tanned, in an European tannery.

The thin braided leather strap gives the front area the right stability in order not to slip even in wet and muddy conditions. This can otherwise only be achieved with relatively hard and thick soles.

Central design
The design of the central part splits the single strap into two straps- a so-called "bifurcation", like a tree trunk divided into two branches. This optically and mechanically critical point of the sandal is here again solved in great simplicity without seam or metal, crossings, corners or edges.

The fullsoul runningpad was awarded in 2016/2017 with the ISPO award as „metaproduct runniungpad & style“. It’s predecessor the „freeheel runningpad“received the ISPO award 2012.
The weight is about 110 g in shoe size 43. Before you start running in the fullsoul, you should know that "doing too much too fast" can cause severe injuries when transitioning from traditional footwear running to minimal footwear running. You should start slowly and learn the barefoot running technique.

FullSoul the history
It takes a one of a kind to develop such a product. Dr. Martin Daumer is a scientist, physicist
and mathematician who enjoys running barefoot and who designed the soul
 taking inspiration by the evolution theory stating that the human kind was “born to run”. A major milestone was receiving the ISPO Award 2012 for innovative product design with the freeheel runningpad. The second Ispo Award in 2016 with the FullSoul confirmed his great ideas.