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Who we are

Rugged, tenacious, and innovative, Lizard Footwear was born in 1992 in the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy. Worn and tested by world-class outdoor athletes, the line features authentic outdoor sandals, shoes, boots and more. Lightweight design, unbeatable grip, maximum comfort, and compactness are among the features that guide our designers and developers to create footwear for every need – exploring the outdoors, traveling or in the city. We are consistently searching for new ideas to design shoes and sandals that we would all like to wear every day. LIZARD® Footwear is a responsible choice for our feet and to the environment since we offer products with unbeatable durability that endure miles and miles on the road. LIZARD® is the choice for consumers and retailers looking to distinguish themselves with a unique and “Well Made in Italy” product.
We at Lizard care about every detail of our products and we are constantly researching new materials and technologies.
Great attention is put in creating sole units with low profiles that grant protection yet keeping the feeling of the ground, essential for a natural walking.
The toe protection, arch support cup footbed and toe bar ensure protection, anatomical fit and comfort. The webbing of the sandals runs hidden through the wedge making it resistant for every wild adventure.
The sandals made for water use feature a special footbed that allows water to drain away and don’t get slippery when wet. All the others have a thick leather footbed for the best comfort even in warm climates.

Lizard is a brand of AICAD SRL
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